VNF book: Finland 100 years

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VNF book: Finland 100 years

November / 2017   09:30 am   

“It was one hundred years ago when Finland declared itself independent, ending its autonomy with Russia. What followed was a time of many changes but against all odds Finland reinvented itself and was transformed to a country that continuously tops world rankings in education, health and quality of life. Stability and equality are the foundations of today’s Finnish society and the outlook for the next centuries remains bright and prosperous.

This Jubilee book, an initiative of the Netherlands-Finland Society, walks you through Finland’s different political, social and cultural developments of the past 100 years and tells you the story of how the Finland of today came to be.

The hardcover book contains 16 chapters with almost 300 pages (Dutch and Finnish) with colourful illustrations and will be published in early November. It is an ideal Christmas or promotional gift.
You can submit pre-orders at Please give your name, postal address and number of books you like to receive. The price is €30, including postage. If you order more than 4 books, the price is €25. If you would like to use the book for promotional purposes, it is possible to order a dedicated version (please contact